Thursday, March 16, 2006

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WinteRed is a micro-press publisher of "chaplets," or folded broadsides, edited by Sun Yung Shin and Rachel Moritz. We specialize in the longer, thematic poem or poetic series and have published 13 chaplets since we began in 2003. To order an individual chaplet, send $1.39 to WinteRed Press, 2306 27th Avenue South, Mpls. MN 55408. You can also subscribe to the series for $5.00 annually (4 chaplets), or $10.00 for two years (8 chaplets).

Here's a list of the poets/poems published so far:

Mark Nowak, from Capitalization

Sun Yung Shin, Vestibulary

GE Patterson, from Mulberry Street

Rachel Moritz, Bullets Retrieved

Stephen Burt, Brief History of North American Youth

Deborah Meadows, Logic with Mr. Quine

Maria Damon, whthrrthms

Wang Ping, Paradise

Dan Beachy-Quick, Sleep/Echo/Song

Rodrigo Toscano, Balm to Bilk

Fanny Howe, I Promise

Thomas Sayers Ellis, Song On

Gabrielle Civil, Glints

Forthcoming in 2006: John Colburn, Juliet Patterson, Elizabeth Robinson, Walter Lew

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