Friday, January 01, 2010

WinteRed's New Address

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Though production has slowed, WinteRed is still going! Check back for new issues forthcoming in 2010.

Hermes is the god of the roads, Kate Greenstreet

Dreamspace and story combine in this meditation on rivers, secrets, dogs, pizza, and visitations. Kate Greenstreet's words create an atmosphere of mystery that won't disappoint.

An excerpt:

Things collect around a man, let you notice
who's at the center. We had chosen the theme "ghost"
but were having second thoughts.

Michael won't cut the reason
why. Knows the river names. Says:
"But we're still young." Then says, "I'm kidding."
The challenge was: "Things collect."

KATE GREENSTREET'S first book, case sensitive, was published by Ahsahta Press in 2006. Her second, The Last 4 Things, was published by Ahsahta in September 2009.

Threnody, Juliet Patterson

Threnody, the 16th edition of WinteRed, reads as a moving elegy for bees lost to Colony Collapse Disorder. Here, Patterson weaves together image and music to illuminate the loss of time implicated in the devastation of our natural world.

An excerpt:

Chance and chance
all that is visible
moves the eye
and pierces or erodes
the mind's structure.
Everything moves
on, the heather, the clover,
the juniper bushes, cheat grass.
And into land: water, the river
running into sea, and the sea, open ocean
contracted by a time-scale
of exponential growth,
the hale and the whole, effaced
and on the silent coasts,
failed wings

JULIET PATTERSON'S first book, The Truant Lover, was selected by Jean Valentine as the 2004 winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize and was a finalist for a 2007 Lambda Literary Award. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in 26, American Letters and Commentary, Bellingham Review, Bloom, Conduit, Indiana Review, New Orleans Review, Painted Bridge Quarterly, Swerve, Washington Square, Verse, and other magazines. She edits poetry for Konundrum Literary Engine Review and teaches poetry and creative writing in Minneapolis through the College of St. Catherine, Hamline University, and The Loft Literary Center. Visit her website:

When the Shadow Filled Window Opens, Eléna Rivera

Using elegant, meditative sentences and the form of a long prose poem, Rivera takes her readers on a journey through the varied thoughts, memories, and images involved in one moment of perception, with its contractions and expansions.

An excerpt:

The way the meadow observed from my desk becomes a site for daydreaming, for moving away from reality. Immensity glimpsed at by just ("just"?) changing one's position. The difference another makes as to how one hears things, the way grass follows a path, goes from yellow to blue to green and one remembers the smell of it, wiggling ones toes."

ELENA RIVERA'S recent publications are Mistakes, Accidents and a Want of Liberty (Barque Press, 2006), Suggestions at Every Turn (Seeing Eye Books, 2005), and Disturbances in the Ocean of Air (Phylum press, 2005). Her translation of Isabelle Baladine Howard's Secrets of the Breath is forthcoming from Burning Deck.